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Implement these Pricing tools
Discounts and promotions
Discounts and promotions let you offer lower prices under certain conditions without changing your regular nightly price. These tools support different situations, such as welcoming your first guests or hosting longer stays.

  • Longer stays: Offering weekly and monthly discounts can lead to higher occupancy, lower turnover, and less work for you. Reservations of a week or longer made up 46% of nights booked on Airbnb in 2022.
  • New listings: Promoting a brand-new listing with a 20% discount off your nightly price can help entice your first three guests to book. Airbnb data shows that Hosts who offer this promotion during the first 30 days a listing is active get their initial booking faster.

For over a decade, Airbnb has offered industry-leading damage protection for our Hosts. Today, we’re adding these protections to AirCover for Hosts:

  • $3 million USD damage protection: We’re tripling damage protection from $1 million USD to $3 million USD, covering both your home and its contents.
  • Art and valuables protection: We protect a wider range of fine art, jewelry, and collectibles, which may be repaired or replaced at appraised value if damaged.
  • Auto and boat protection: We provide damage protection for cars, boats, and other watercraft that you park or store at your property.

The new protections are in addition to these features already included with AirCover for Hosts:

  • 24-hour safety line: If you ever feel unsafe, our app provides one-tap access to specially-trained safety agents, day or night.
  • Pet damage protection: We pay for damage done by four-legged guests.
  • Deep cleaning reimbursement: We reimburse for extra cleaning services needed after a guest checks out, like professional carpet cleaning.
  • Income loss protection: We reimburse you for lost income if you cancel confirmed Airbnb bookings due to guest damage.

The amount of money you make will vary depending on your listing based on a number of factors. The average Airbnb Host can make close to a $1000 per month. 

  • Pets
  • Events
  • Smoking
  • Vaping and e-cigarettes (new)
  • Quiet hours (new)
  • Check-in and checkout times (new)
  • Maximum number of guests (new)
  • Commercial photography and filming (new)
  • You can also include house rules such as parking spaces, taking out trash, leaving in the dishwasher, taking out the trash, turn down the thermostat, etc

To help create comfortable, reliable stays for guests, we ask all Hosts to meet these requirements for each of their listings:

  • Be responsive: Keep your response rate high by replying to inquiries and trip requests within 24 hours
  • Accept trip requests: Make guests feel welcome by accepting requests whenever you’re available
  • Avoid canceling on guests: Take cancellations seriously and try to avoid them—they’re a huge inconvenience
  • Maintain a high overall rating: Guests expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where they book

Every Host should meet these basic standards so that their guests have a comfortable, reliable experience.

What we don’t allow

  • Hosting without permission and/or the appropriate licenses: Airbnb requires that all Hosts be authorized to host, and that Hosts comply with all applicable laws.
  • Unreliable communication: Hosts should be responsive and willing to answer questions within a reasonable amount of time from guests or Airbnb and follow any necessary steps from Airbnb to fix issues.
  • Inaccurate listings: A Host’s property, location, listing type, privacy levels, and amenities should accurately reflect what was written in the listing description at the time of booking. Hosts may only adjust details for an accepted booking after guest consent.
  • Unsecure stays: Hosts must ensure that every stay is able to be secured at the main entrance, and keys or access codes should be provided for all main points of entry.
  • Unreliable check-ins: Hosts must provide guests with the right information to access their stay at check-in (ex: proper access codes, clear directions). Hosts that plan to meet guests at check-in must ensure that they’re present at the agreed upon time. The use of lockboxes or entry codes must remain secure (ex: change codes in between reservations).
  • Unclean stays: A Host’s property must be free of known health hazards (ex: mold, pests, vermin), meet a high standard of cleanliness, and be cleaned between stays.
  • Unsafe stays: Hosts must ensure that stays or Experiences are free of undisclosed safety hazards (ex: blocked fire exits, risks of electric shock, rat poison). Hosts must remedy any safety hazards if they are raised by a guest or Airbnb.
  • Arbitrage: Using a 3rd party to book a hotel or 3rd party accommodation and listing it on Airbnb at an inflated rate, is not allowed. Hosts must adhere to specific rules for timeshares or similar accommodation types when considering whether or not to list on Airbnb.
  • Animal exploitation: Stays or Experiences that exploit animals have no place in our community (ex: roadside zoos, trophy hunting experiences). Hosts must meet Airbnb’s guidelines for animal welfare.

1. Clear out the clutter

2. Frame your Cover Image 

3. Find your Light

4. Create the Right Composition 

5. Showcase your Space 

To make it even easier for Hosts to welcome pets, you can now add a pet fee to your pricing. If you choose to charge a pet fee, it’ll be spread out equally over the course of the stay and shown both as part of the nightly rate, and in the total price at checkout. You can charge a flat fee that covers multiple pets, but remember: Your pet fee can’t be more than your nightly base rate.

By adding a pet fee, you no longer need to request one through our Resolution Center after you accept a booking.

Permanently deactivating

To permanently deactivate your listing:

DesktopiOS appAndroid appMobile browser

  1. Go to Listings, and select the listing you want
  2. Under Listing basics, go to Listing status and click Edit
  3. Click Deactivate, and select the reason you're deactivating
  4. Click Deactivate

Keep in mind that deactivating your listing won’t impact any reviews from your guests or reviews you’ve left them—they’ll still show on the public profiles.

AirBNB Fees

Most Hosts pay a flat service fee of 3% of the booking subtotal

Guests typically pay a service fee of around 14% of the booking subtotal

These fees help Airbnb operate and support Hosts with marketing activities, Host protection programs, and more

Here is a link for more detail. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.

If you do these things and you will become a Superhost. 

This is how it works

Every quarter, we evaluate your hosting performance over the past 12 months for all listings on your account. (However, you didn’t have to host for the entire 12 months to qualify.) Each quarterly assessment is a 5-day period beginning on:

January 1st

April 1st

July 1st

October 1st

If you meet the program requirements by the assessment date, you’ll automatically become a Superhost—no need to apply. We’ll notify you of your status at the end of each assessment period. It may take up to 1 week for your Superhost badge to show up on your listing.


To qualify, listing owner with an account in good standing who has met the following criteria:

Completed at least 10 trips or 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights

Maintained a 90% response rate or higher

Maintained a less than 1% cancellation rate, with exceptions made for those that fall under our Extenuating Circumstances policy

Maintained a 4.8 overall rating (A review counts towards Superhost status when either both the guest and the Host have submitted a review, or the 14-day window for reviews is over, whichever comes first)

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